• What is the best way to clean Corian countertops?

    Corian is a fantastic material for a kitchen because it’s hardwearing and easy to maintain. Looking after it properly will ensure it stays beautiful for decades, but there can be such a…

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  • Can you paint Corian countertops?

    Corian countertops can make for a stunning addition to a home. And because they are available in more than 90 colour and designs, they are incredibly versatile. Even so, you might be…

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  • How thick should a Corian countertop be?

    Corian worktop thickness is very much part of its uniqueness. It’s one of the elements which allows it to perform in the way it does as a solid surface material, while retaining…

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  • Properties, uses, and applications of Corian

    Corian was created by the Dupont company in 1967 when Dr Donald Slocum was tasked with creating a product that would rival, or even surpass, the beauty and durability of natural stone….

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  • How much do Corian worktops cost?

    When it comes to deciding on a new kitchen countertop, there are a lot of different options out there, from solid surface to laminate, through to wood and natural stone. If you…

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  • Can Corian worktops be repaired?

    One of the compelling reasons to invest in Corian countertops for your kitchen is that they are a highly practical choice. As well as adding that all-important luxury aesthetic to the heart…

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  • Corian or quartz: Which is best?

    Corian or quartz countertops? Which is best? Both are beautiful, hardwearing, and have been used to create stunning kitchen surfaces decades, so it’s a difficult choice. However, there are differences between the…

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  • What are the pros and cons of Corian worktops?

    Corian has all the good looks and durability of high-end natural stone materials but with a wide range of practical advantages that make it suitable for many different projects. What are the…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Corian

    If you are looking to replace your kitchen worktops, chances are you are pretty familiar with materials like granite and laminate, but what about Corian? Corian has been around since the 1960s…

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  • Corian Work Surfaces Liverpool

    Corian Work Surfaces Liverpool  Here at Stone Design UK we have 50 years industry experience with the supply of quality work surfaces for both domestic and commercial clients. We work with the…

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