How thick should a Corian countertop be?

How thick should a Corian countertop be?

Corian worktop thickness is very much part of its uniqueness.

It’s one of the elements which allows it to perform in the way it does as a solid surface material, while retaining a superior aesthetic appeal.

Why does Corian thickness matter?

First, let’s deep dive into the constitution of Corian worktops.

Corian countertop thickness is the result of its composition, which is around 1/3 of reconstituted natural minerals that are given extra strength by the addition of around 2/3 polymer resins.  

The result is a solid surface material that has its colour and pattern running through it. This is one beautiful slab that is extremely hard wearing and non-porous.

A unique benefit of its being man-made, is that it can be created in slabs large enough to stretch seamlessly across a wide space. Corian solid surface thickness must therefore be able to support a work surface that covers a greater area than other types of countertop material.

Another reason why Corian material thickness has the edge is that any scratch or damage that occurs to the surface can easily be sanded or polished out without affecting its aesthetic appeal.

How thick is Corian UK?

Before commencing on any Corian project, you might wonder “What thickness does Corian come in?” This is an important question as different applications require different thicknesses.

Corian worktop thickness UK varies, but choice will also take into account factors like personal choice, the look you want, the strength needed to cover longer surfaces, the kind of durability required and of course, cost.

So how thick is a Corian countertop?

Corian thickness in inches is ¼, ½ and ¾ while Corian thickness mm is 6,12.3 and 19.

The smaller-sized slabs are usually used for wall cladding and other projects which do not require the Corian to be as sturdy, while the thicker materials are the ones used for countertops as they are able to withstand heavy use in spaces like a kitchen.

However, the beauty of Corian is that it can easily be adapted to suit any renovation project.

For example, a 12mm thick sheet supplied by Stone Design UK can be fabricated by building up the edge to whatever thickness is required.

A typical domestic installation would be 30-40mm, while a commercial application can be anything from 12mm to 200mm depending on the design.

What is the thinnest Corian countertop?

As explained above, when considering Corian thickness UK you need to take into account its function, therefore you would not use the thinnest Corian available for a countertop.

In our expert opinion, you need to use Corian thickness in inches of at least ½ and Corian thickness mm 12 for it to be suitable for your needs.

Is Corian a good choice for a kitchen countertop?

Corian is a fantastic choice for kitchen countertops because it offers many different options in terms of finish and colour.

With proper care, it is incredibly durable and very easy to maintain. Plus, if it gets damaged over time it can be repaired easily.

If you want a worktop with a sleek, clean and modern aesthetic, then why not get in touch with Stone Design UK today.

As suppliers of  luxury Corian kitchen worktops to satisfied customers in Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Wigan we have the expertise to ensure you make the right choice for your next kitchen project.

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