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Effortlessly balancing beauty with performance, Corian by Dupont is a market leader for acrylic worktops. If you can dream it, Stone Designs can create it with Corian. With an enduring colour pallet with over 90 options to choose from, we are the trading firm open to the public- enabling you to save on our discounts by cutting out the middle man.

We will beat any like for like quote and offer a 10-year guarantee on all worktops. With over 50 years of experience, we really are the North Wests leading providers of all things kitchen worktops and countertops.

Corian is made from one third acrylic resin and two-thirds mineral filler, it lends itself to innovative designs with its virtually invisible joins, so why not request your free brochure or colour samples today?


What is Corian?

Corian is the original brand name of solid surface work tops. It comes in a large variety of colours and patterns, emulating natural stone. It’s made up from a blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer resin. The acrylic gives the surface it’s flexibility that natural stone does not have.

Where can you use Corian ?

Corian is perfectly suited for any surface requirement. It’s solid, non porous properties makes it an ideal surface for both kitchens and bathrooms alike. Corian is an approved surface in the health sector, used in highly sterile areas such as hospitals, laboratories and surgeries. Corian is also widely used in restaurant’s, airports, hotels in fact anywhere were high levels of hygiene are paramount.

Does Corian stain?

Nothing will stain Corian and it is easy to clean and maintain. Because Corian does not absorb moisture and does not have any crevices for bacteria to build up on, your surfaces are 100% germ free. All materials used in manufacturing Corian are non toxic and recyclable.

Can you see the joints?

Corian seams are inconspicuous. The material is joined together using colour matched acrylic resins which are polished in. Corian joints are both permanent and seamless creating a smooth surface without gaps or fillers.

Can you damage it?

The acrylic in the Corian makes it less brittle than natural granites and marble. Therefore it is less prone to chipping and nicks. If you damage Corian, then unlike most surfaces, it can actually be repaired, making it a product for life.

Is Corian expensive?

Corian is around the same price as quartz and granite however with many more benefits. It’s a sophisticated high end product with an affordable price tag. It has endless design possibilities and will out last most other work tops.

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