Clean & Polish

Clean & Polish

We offer leading cleaning and polishing services on your Acrylic worktops or countertops. Over time the material can look dull and old, however, with our cleaning and repolishing, it looks good as new and gives it a new sparkle. Our advanced manufacturer approved methods, all for an affordable price.

We can help fix/ restore/ revamp all acrylic surfaces, including:

•Corian            •Acrylic

•Staron            •Krion

Here is a recent example of a Corian table we cleaned, polished and refinished…

Before                                                                   After

If your not sure exactly what your surface is, why not give us a call or get in touch using the form below. We are always happy to help and give free quotes.

Get in touch using the form below or call us now! We are always happy to help.

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