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Krion Worktops

What is Krion?

Krion is the latest solid surface material developed by the Krion Porcelanosa group, and the huge benefits it offers mean it’s set to become the most popular.

Sold in flat sheets, Krion is a blend of natural and synthetic materials.  It’s made up of two parts natural minerals and one part high-resistance resins.  This unique combination is what gives it the attractive stone appearance and non-porous structure.

This material is typically used for work surfaces and countertops.  However, we can shape, cut and join it to create bespoke structures for a variety of purposes.

Why Krion worktops are a great choice

Many homeowners, restaurants and caterers are already reaping the benefits of Krion worktops in their kitchens, and we invite you to join them.  Take a look at the advantages for yourself:

  • The worktops have the natural look and warm feel of stone worktops.


  • They’re extremely hardwearing and strong, whilst being lighter in weight than many other options on the market.


  • The worktops are non-porous, meaning they’re resistant to stains and are super easy to clean.


  • The blend of materials used to manufacture the worktops makes them anti-bacterial – great for your food hygiene rating, or just for making the kids’ lunch.


  • We cut Krion in a similar way to wood and can even inject it during the manufacturing process. This allows us to create curved sections to deliver designs that would not be possible with other materials.  The seamless finish that this produces makes for a stunning finished project that is much easier to clean and maintain.


  • They are environmentally friendly, as they are 100 percent recyclable.


  • The worktops are highly resistant to fire and impact.


  • They are capable of withstanding extreme environments, such as exposure to steam, immersion in water or freezing conditions.


  • Krion worktops are a food-grade product that meet all UK standards.


What colours do Krion worktops come in?

The worktops come in more than 100 colours, so you can choose one to match your branding, or simply complement your kitchen wallpaper.  A firm favourite with our customers is the white finish, which really stands out from other materials for its purity and neutrality.  You can view the full range of available colours here.


Krion worktops for homes and businesses

Krion worktops are ideal for creating stunning and practical kitchen surfaces in both homes and businesses.  The easy cleaning and maintenance of its non-porous antibacterial surface, along with its resistance to extreme conditions and impact, mean that the worktops stand the test of time, and look like new for years.

To speak to us about our solid Krion worktops for your home, bar or restaurant, call us on 01744 882364 or send us a message today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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