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Whether you need a sturdy kitchen worktop, wall cladding, a flush-mounted sink or a cooking island, Hi-Macs is the perfect solid surface to transform your dreary dining area into a kitchen paradise.


What is Hi-Macs?

Hi-Macs is a high-tech solid surface that is the brainchild of the innovative LG Group. The mineral material’s main constituent (around 70%) is the natural mineral aluminium hydroxide, obtained from aluminium ore.  It also comprises one third acrylic resin and 5% natural pigments.

LG produce the acrylic in their own factories and guarantee superior quality for all raw materials.

This is a non-porous, extremely hygienic surface that actively repels dirt. Since it is waterproof and we can install it without any seams whatsoever, it’s perfect for kitchens with flush-mounted sinks.

The Thermalcure technology contained within these worktops results in an easy-to-clean and robust surface. It is therefore perfect for working with food and everyday household cleaning chemicals.

What are the main features of Hi-Macs worktops?

This solid surface has countless advantages over conventional materials used for worktops, with a limitless range of possibilities for even the most ambitious designs. Here are some of the main features of Hi-Macs worktops that make this solid surface the perfect choice for your kitchen.


Highly durable material

Often, family kitchens have the highest traffic of all the rooms in the home. Your kitchen work surfaces need to withstand everything from hot pans and spills to tins falling out of cupboards from a great height. Therefore, we need to manufacture them from a strong and durable material.

Hi-Macs is able to cope with the strain of modern living easily. And thanks to the Thermalcure technology used during the production process, this solid surface is extremely heat-resistant.


Hi-Macs worktops are easy to clean and maintain

This solid surface is exceptionally repellent to stains. Additionally, its visually seamless fabrication means that it’s remarkably hygienic. In fact, it’s regularly used in hospitals and laboratories as well as household and restaurant kitchens.


Limitless design possibilities

The thermoforming process involved in the manufacture of Hi-Macs worktops enables greater flexibility of design when compared with other conventional materials. Innovative ideas can quickly take on a stunning 3D shape. This can contain any curves, angles or cut-outs you desire, and no seams whatsoever.


Use Hi-Macs for custom made sinks

The high-quality casting technique used to produce Hi-Macs sinks allows them to be flush-mounted into the worktop, or alternatively installed below the surface. We have an extensive collection of sinks to choose from, and custom-made sinks are also an option.


Wide range of colours to choose from

Hi-Macs comes in a vast range of colours. This surface is a great choice if you want a high-performance solution with endless design choices.

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