Acrylic Surfaces for the Commercial Sector

Acrylic Surfaces for the Commercial Sector

Acrylic has long been a popular choice of material for clients seeking functional surfaces of superb quality – including eateries, medical centres, luxury retail outlets and more besides.

If you run a business, within any commercial industry, it’s likely that you’ll require the use of quality worktops or surfaces – whether to prepare consumables, assemble or display products, or to serve customers.

With a great range of acrylic surfaces available, here at Stone Design, we offer:

  • free sample service
  • free same day quotes
  • a 7-day turnaround on most projects
  • a 10-year guarantee on all acrylic products
  • a “clean and polish” service to keep your acrylic surfaces in perfect condition

Along with our quality acrylic worktops, we also offer elegant quartz and granite options.

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Why use acrylic surfaces?

Acrylic worktops from Stone Design UK, offer a range of great benefit for clients from the commercial sector. These include:

– Longevity

Our acrylic surfaces are lifetime products. Thanks to their durability, it is highly unlikely that a Corian or Staron worktop will ever need to be replaced.

– Easy maintenance

While it is extremely difficult to damage our acrylic products – particularly if hard-wearing aggregates are included in their fabrication – the occasional scratch or chip can be easily resolved.

The maintenance of worktops of this kind is exceptionally easy, with restoration to a seamless “like new” finish achievable every time. In fact, we offer an unbeatable clean and polish surface to make the process even more straightforward.

– Hygiene

Our Corian and Staron surfaces are non-porous, which means that they will not absorb bacteria and other contaminants. This makes them very easy to sterilize. Acrylic is an exceptionally popular material in the medical and food preparation industries for this reason.

– Luxury and choice

A customer facing business needs to prioritise aesthetics as well as safety and practicality. The acrylic worktops and counters from Stone Design UK offer an endless colour choice, with limitless design options that you can harness to match your branding and image.

Recent successful projects

Here at Stone Design, we’ve worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, with clients from across a wide range of sectors. Recent examples of our work include:

  • The serveries in Stretford Public Hall
  • The food and serving area at YogBerries, Altrincham
  • The reception area in Splashworld, Birmingham
  • Various home renovations by Simon James Architect
  • The reception and serving counter at Jungle fun, Liverpool
  • WC vanities in the Windmill Hotel, Pendlebury
  • WC vanities at Halfway House, Blackpool
  • WC vanities at the Jolly Sailor, Stockport

Contact us today

To discover which acrylic worktop would best suit your requirements and complement your business brand, browse our range today.

All of our surfaces are manufactured by leading brands Staron and Corian by DuPont, and can be produced to fit even the most awkward of layouts.

For further information about our products, or to discuss your project in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our handy online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to assist.


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