What is the best way to clean Corian countertops?

What is the best way to clean Corian countertops?

Corian is a fantastic material for a kitchen because it’s hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Looking after it properly will ensure it stays beautiful for decades, but there can be such a thing as using the wrong cleaner and this where potential disaster could strike!

What is the best way to clean Corian?

Google ‘the best way to clean Corian countertops’ and you will be confronted with an array of products that will potentially do the job.

But what are you really looking for? How do you know what is the best cleaner for Corian? And do you need all those recommended products?

When properly installed, Corian does not require sealing and yet will be completely nonporous, which makes it stain-resistant and resilient.

However, like any kitchen countertop, it has to cope with all kinds of mess. And if this is allowed to accumulate, you’re going to end up with a grimy work surface and not the high-end design statement you had when it was initially installed.

You may want to invest in a product specifically targeted at cleaning Corian worktops.

Mind you, arguably the best cleaner for Corian countertops is good old soapy water.

A word of advice though; when you clean Corian, do not use scalding hot water as this could potentially damage the surface.

Moderately warm water should do the trick of breaking down the accumulated dirt, grease and grime.

How do you clean Corian countertops?

Giving your Corian countertops a wipe with a microfibre cloth, soapy water, or your regular kitchen spray should do the job.

However, there may be instances where you need to vary your cleaning routine.

For example, if the staining is caused by spills of juice, coffee, wine, or vinegar, you need to use a lightly abrasive cleaning product to scour away the marks.

For grease, fat, and oil, you may want to apply diluted bleach to the surface. On no account use undiluted bleach however as it will be likely to damage the surface.

What should you not use with Corian?

As we have explained above, it is ok to use a mild bleach solution to clean your Corian countertops, unless they have a high-gloss finish, but you need to be careful.

It may be best, if using a product other than soapy water, to test it on the underside of your countertop to make sure that it doesn’t strip away the colour or shine.

On no account consider using acid drain cleaners, paint stripper chemicals, cleaners with methylene chloride, or undiluted bleach on your Corian worksurface as you are sure to damage its beautiful surface.

Finally, if you are considering investing a in Corian countertop but still wondering ‘how do you clean Corian?’, then we can help.

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