Can you paint Corian countertops?

Can you paint Corian countertops?

Corian countertops can make for a stunning addition to a home.

And because they are available in more than 90 colour and designs, they are incredibly versatile.

Even so, you might be wondering what happens if you want to change their colour. Can you paint Corian countertops?

The straight answer is yes, it is possible. However, there are simple aspects you need to consider before you plan a colour change.

Can you paint Corian countertops yourself?

There is little doubt that Corian countertops do not come cheap. Therefore, before you embark on a colour change, you need to understand that although we can explain how to paint Corian countertops, it’s not something we’d recommend you do without careful consideration.

The reason for this is that Corian is an impermeable substance, which means it is largely water-resistant and that is what makes it such a brilliant surface for areas of the home like a kitchen.

This is just one challenge you will face if you decide to go ahead and repaint your countertops.

Should you paint Corian countertops?

We’ve already answered the question ‘can you paint Corian counters?’ And the answer is yes.

However, ‘should you paint Corian countertops?’ is another consideration altogether.

We will say, if you really can’t live with the colour they are now and are willing to take the risk, then yes, consider a colour revamp.

How to paint Corian countertops

Preparation is key when painting Corian countertops, so ensure that the surface you are tackling is in the best condition before you start.

This means washing down the Corian thoroughly because any grease or staining could have an impact on the result. Once the surface has been degreased, the Corian needs to be washed again and dried.

The cleaning process really will make a vast difference to the success or failure of your project.

Next, you need to prep the surface by sanding it down using a belt sander and fine grit sandpaper.

Once this is done, you need to remove every speck of sanded down material from the surface, then actually leave the Corian worktop for 24 hours before you begin painting.

Did we say this isn’t a rush job? You really do need to take your time to make sure the surface is totally free of dust before you begin.

Finally, you can prime the surface with an epoxy paint product using a roller in preparation for the next stage.

This needs to dry completely before you apply your new colour.

We would recommend you apply two coats of paint and wait for the first to dry before applying the second and that’s it!

Your new colour Corian countertops will be ready to use.

Tip: Order more paint than you need as your repainted countertops will begin to show signs of wear over time and may need retouching or even a new coat of paint.

Of course, you may want to save yourself the trouble of repainting your Corian countertops by investing in new ones.

So, why not check out our range?

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