What are the pros and cons of Corian worktops?

What are the pros and cons of Corian worktops?

Corian has all the good looks and durability of high-end natural stone materials but with a wide range of practical advantages that make it suitable for many different projects.

What are the benefits of Corian worktops?

There are many benefits to using Corian as a worktop surface.

Here, we give you the lowdown/

Corian countertops pros and cons

Let’s take a look at Corian kitchen countertops pros and cons. Below are some of the reasons why this is such a fantastic material when it comes to worktops.


Corian is designed to be highly durable, and even if it becomes scratched or chipped this solid surface material is long-lasting and easily repairable.


Although used mainly for kitchen worktops and bathrooms, Corian has many uses. It has even been applied to building exteriors for a chic modernist look! It is thermoformable, which allows it to be moulded into different shapes when heated. It can also be carved and sanded.

Available in different colours

Corian comes in more than 90 different colours and patterns, and has come a long way since it was first invented in white. Now, thanks to “deep colour technology”, it can be found in vibrant brights alongside more natural hues. From true, bright white, to bold colours and metallics, to dark charcoals, there is sure to be something to complement any kitchen design. Natural stone just isn’t in the running when it comes to this kind of versatility.

Modern seamless design

Corian’ s composition of one third acrylic resin and two-thirds mineral filler means it can be created in big slabs with virtually invisible joins – perfect for a sleek modernist surface.


Corian is used in hospitals and other public places for good reason because it is more hygienic than other materials. The reason for this is that it is nonporous, and pretty much seamless, which means there is nowhere for bacteria to hide. It is also very easy to clean.

What are the disadvantages of Corian worktops?

Corian worktops pros and cons are definitely to be considered before you invest in your kitchen project. We’ve taken a look at the pros, now here are the cons.


In terms of value, Corian is certainly worth the money. However, it isn’t the cheapest worktop material on the market, and if you are on a budget you might want to consider an alternative.

Not heat resistant

Using a material for a kitchen work surface that isn’t heat resistant may sound counter intuitive, but many other types of material will also become heat damaged if they come into contact with hot pans.  This is easily solved by placing a trivet or heat-resistant pad on your work surface.

Can scratch

Corian isn’t alone when it comes to sustaining scratches and marks. As with any form of hard countertop, it will be susceptible to damage if it is scraped by a sharp knife or other utensil. That is why you should always use a chopping board to prevent this from happening.


Corian’s pristine seamless appearance might not be to everyone’s taste. While it can be manufactured to emulate a natural stone finish, some people will prefer the authenticity of the real thing.

Is Corian a good choice for a kitchen countertop?

Corian is a fantastic choice for kitchen countertops because it offers so many different options in terms of finish and colour.

With proper care, it is incredibly durable and very easy to maintain. Plus, if it gets damaged over time it can be repaired easily.

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