How much do Corian worktops cost?

How much do Corian worktops cost?

When it comes to deciding on a new kitchen countertop, there are a lot of different options out there, from solid surface to laminate, through to wood and natural stone.

If you are redesigning your kitchen, the one thing you want to get right are the countertops.

They are a major design feature, but they also need to be practical and able to cope with everything that is thrown at them – sometimes literally!

You can get away with cheaper cabinets, or even paint the old ones if you are on a tight budget, but investing in a fantastic worktop is money well spent when doing a kitchen revamp.

Let’s face it, countertops are where it all happens, from food and drink preparation and presentation, to working on your laptop, or even entertaining guests and they need to be fit for purpose.

The question is: which material will work for you?

Given that most of us don’t update our kitchens often, durability needs to be a high priority for surfaces in one of the busiest rooms in the home. Of course, you want countertops to look great and you need them to be easy to clean.

With all this in mind one of the best options is Corian, a man-made material created specifically for worktops, but which is so fantastically versatile it has also been used in many other applications too.

Are Corian worktops expensive?

One of the considerations of a kitchen revamp is always going to be the price tag unless you are fortunate enough have unlimited funds.

That said, cutting corners on core materials risks costing you more money in the long run.

What you pay is also dependent upon several factors.

Corian worktop prices are favourable compared to say, another premium material like granite.

The price depends upon the colour you choose, the design, and the thickness of the slab.

Corian is a bespoke product, which means the price is adjusted to exactly the amount you need.

Ask a member of our team today, and they’d be happy to provide an estimate based on your individual requirements.

Factors which influence Corian worktop cost

  1. The size of your worktop

Obviously, size does matter. The larger the surface area, the more material is required. Plus, if you are installing a thick slab, you are going to need more people on the job.

Corian is manufactured in sheets that are 6mm, 12.3mm and 19mm thick. For busy kitchens where there is a lot of traffic, or if your design project requires a long slab, then a thicker solid surface is recommended, and this will be more expensive.

  1. Installation

If old countertops need to be removed, or there’s a structural problem requiring the installation of more support for the new worktop, then there will be additional costs.

  1. Bespoke work

Any kind of bespoke work, from remodelled surfaces to unusual colours or designs will also make Corian worktop prices more expensive.

There are other solid surfaces in the market that claim to be as good as Corian and are not as expensive.

However, for us there is no real comparison. It’s about getting what you pay for, and if you want that luxury seamless finish that Corian provides then you need to be prepared to pay the extra.

How much does a Corian worktop cost on average?

Given every refurbishment project is differently and, as mentioned above, Corian is a bespoke product then it is difficult to provide an average sum.

Instead, we recommend speaking to a team member at Stone Design to discuss your precise requirements. They would be happy to provide an estimate once they have the information they need.

Is Corian a good choice for a kitchen countertop?

There are many benefits to Corian as a worktop surface.

Created by the Dupont company back in 1967 as the perfect man-made material for countertops, it has survived the ups and downs of fashion because it fits in with today’s modern aesthetic as well as being strong and versatile.


Corian’s durability is one of its primary selling points. Its ability to withstand heavy traffic and constant usage makes it the perfect kitchen countertop material. You don’t even have to replace it if it becomes chipped or scratched as it can be sanded over.

It has many uses

From giving building exteriors a chic modernist look to creating bathroom and kitchen countertops, Corian is an extremely versatile material. It is a thermoformable product which means it can be moulded into different shapes when heated. It can also be carved and sanded.

Available in different colourways

You want a bright blue countertop? Or one that looks like marble? Corian comes in more than 90 different colours and patterns, which means there’s a design to suit everyone.

Modern seamless design

Corian’ s composition of one third acrylic resin and two-thirds mineral filler means it can be created in large slabs with virtually invisible joins. Perfect for that sleek contemporary look that is so on trend right now.


Corian is nonporous and pretty much seamless, which means there is nowhere for bacteria to hide. It is also very easy to clean.

A material for life

The Corian kitchen worktop may show chips and scratches over the years, but unlike certain types of stone it can always be easily repaired and made look as good as new.

At Stone Design UK, as suppliers of luxury Corian kitchen worktops in Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Wigan we are confident we can create the Corian countertop of your dreams at a price to suit your budget.

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