Solid Work Surfaces Liverpool

  • Solid Work Surfaces Liverpool

    Corian is a well-known solid surface brand which is an extremely popular kitchen worktop material. It is made from a unique combination of natural minerals and acrylic polymer, which is then fabricated…

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  • What are Hi-Macs Worktops?

    Hi-Macs kitchen worktops are made from acrylic, minerals and natural pigments, which combine to create a solid surface material – that can be moulded into any shape, whilst complying with the best…

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  • The use of acrylic surfaces in commercial kitchens

    Whether you’re looking to develop a commercial kitchen from scratch or you have inherited one when taking over an existing business, you are naturally going to want the best material for your…

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  • What are the Benefits of Corian Worktops?

    If you’re considering investing in acrylic surfaces or worktops for your home or business, the experts at Stone Design UK highly recommend the Corian range by DuPont. In this article, we’ll explain…

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  • Use Stone Design to Clean and Polish Corian Worktops

    While Corian kitchen worktops are some of the most robust surfaces available, even they can become marked, scratched or dull over the years. There are numerous ways in which you can restore…

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  • What are Corian Worktops?

    If you’re on the lookout for new kitchen or workshop surfaces, you’ll likely have considered quartz, granite, laminate and perhaps stainless steel. Each of the above has its strengths, but downsides may…

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  • Why Choose Corian Worktops?

    If you’re looking for the highest quality acrylic polymer kitchen surfaces available in the north east of England and beyond, you’ll find nothing better than the stunning Corian worktops from DuPont, available…

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  • What are Dekton worktops?

    Seen as the new kid on the block in the field of kitchen worktops, we can tell you at Stone Design that Dekton kitchen worktops are here to stay. After all, who…

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  • The best way to clean my Corian worktop

    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is all the more important to keep your surfaces germ free. We’re sure that keeping your surfaces hygienic and free of bacteria has become a…

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