The use of acrylic surfaces in commercial kitchens

The use of acrylic surfaces in commercial kitchens

Whether you’re looking to develop a commercial kitchen from scratch or you have inherited one when taking over an existing business, you are naturally going to want the best material for your worktops.


Running any business in the commercial sector, such as take-aways, restaurants or medical centres, for example, your worktops need to be durable, long-lasting and resistant to heat and water.


If this is the case, then you can’t go far wrong with acrylic worktops. Here at Stone Design, we stock a large selection of popular Corian and Staron ranges, as well as Tristone and Krion.


We offer a plethora of colours, designs and finishes, so you’re sure to find the right acrylic worktops for your commercial kitchen!



Benefits of acrylic surfaces

There are a number of benefits to acrylic surfaces and therefore a number of reasons why you should choose them:


  • durable and long-lasting
  • heat and water resistant
  • easily repairable
  • virtually seam-free finish
  • ideal for awkward spaces
  • non-porous – highly resistant to stains
  • cost-effective
  • can be customised
  • stylish and hygienic


Much lighter than their stone counterparts, acrylic worktops can be easily, and safely, handled and are better suited when there is a long piece of worktop to be fitted.


At Stone Design, we are able to work closely and collaboratively with customers in the commercial sector, using our expertise to design, manufacture and install luxury, acrylic worktops.


For a free quote, you can contact us and one of team will be able to help you with the costing, design and choice of acrylic worktop, including our Corian range.



Corian worktops

Made from both acrylic resin and natural minerals, Corian worktops are the epitome of design versatility, functionality and durability.


Any wear-and-tear that acrylic worktops can endure when in a busy, commercial kitchen, doesn’t affect our worktops, as they are not only robust, but you can also rely on them to maintain their looks and durability for a very long time.


At Stone Design, we offer over 90 colour options and multiple designs in the Corian range and can bring your commercial kitchen to life with these solid work surfaces, that we can design and manufacture for you.


Staron solid surfaces

Staron worktops – produced by Samsung – are proving increasingly popular in commercial kitchens, as they benefit from NSF-51 Food Safe Certification which means they play a perfect part in food preparation.


Staron worktops are also UV stable and therefore won’t fade in the sunlight and there is no clattering or noise when plates and utensils are placed on them. There are no open joints or crevices when these acrylic worktops are fitted, which means there is nowhere for dirt and germs to hide. Perfect for a busy, commercial kitchen!


At Stone Design, we can fabricate your Staron worktops into any shape and configuration imaginable, providing you with a product that is completely seamless. Give us a ring today on 01744 882364 and we can take you through the process.


Tristone worktops

Tristone worktops are a 100% acrylic solid surface, which combines durability, practicality and elegance.


Tristone worktops can be thermoformed and joined seamlessly, with hidden joints, integrated bowls and covered back-splashes making this option the perfect choice for your commercial kitchen.


With limitless design potential, Tristone worktops are non-porous and resistant to heat, water and bacteria, so you don’t need to worry about damage in your busy kitchen.


Krion worktops

Krion surfaces are a blend of both natural and synthetic materials, made up of two-parts natural minerals and one-part high-resistance resins.


These unique worktops are a popular choice in commercial kitchens as they have a natural look and warm feel of stone worktops and are extremely hard wearing and strong, but lightweight compared to stone.


These particular worktops are also non-porous, heat and water resistant and can be designed in a curve, if that is what you need to make the most of your commercial space.


As a food-grade product, Krion worktops are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


at Stone Design, we benefit from over 50 years’ experience as a family-run business, in designing, manufacturing and installing kitchen worktops for the commercial sector.


You can call into our showroom in Rainford, St Helens or fill out our free quote form online and we will be able to take you through the design process and help you find the ideal worktops for your commercial kitchen.



We also offer:


  • same day quotations
  • replacement worktops fitted in one day
  • 7-day turnaround on all work surfaces
  • 10-year manufacturers’ warranty
  • cleaning and polishing service



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