What are Corian Worktops?

What are Corian Worktops?

If you’re on the lookout for new kitchen or workshop surfaces, you’ll likely have considered quartz, granite, laminate and perhaps stainless steel.

Each of the above has its strengths, but downsides may include cost, durability and the range of styles available.

Before you make your decision, it’s vital that you consider Corian worktops. These surfaces represent the best of all worlds.

In this article, Stone Design UK – suppliers of Corian worktops in Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and beyond – explain what they are and how choosing Corian work surfaces is often the most intelligent approach.

The Construction of Corian Kitchen Worktops

Corian worktops are solid surfaces of great quality. Corian is a hard wearing material created by fusing durable, flexible acrylic resin with an extremely tough mineral filler. In fact, the flexibility of the resin makes Corian less brittle than natural stone, including granite and marble.

Despite this, surfaces of this kind do not cost any more than natural polished stone alternatives.

The mix is one third resin to two-thirds filler, and the result is a scratch, scuff and stain-proof surface that lasts wonderfully. In fact, Stone Design UK offers a 10 year guarantee on all Corian products.

Suitable for Any Interior Palette

We’ve sold Corian worktops in Blackpool, Chester, Lancaster, Central Manchester and a wide range of other locations, to individuals and businesses with hugely diverse interior decor themes.

One of the reasons that Corian is so popular across the board is the variety of shades available. This is made possible thanks to the material’s acrylic component, to which it is easy to add colour and a variety of effects and finishes.

Stone Design UK offers a massive range of over 90 colours, from natural hues and looks such as Clam Shell and Lava Rock to bright and exciting block colours like Blooming Green and Citrus Orange.

The ease with which colours can be reproduced in Corian surfaces allows us to offer the full range to all clients – so, whether you’re looking for Corian worktops in Southport, Wigan or anywhere else, you’ll have access to every single finish at all times.

Another benefit of acrylic is that it is extremely easy to create a colour-match when it comes to jointing resins, making all joints on Corian worktops easily disguisable and very subtle. It also makes repairs much easier than they would be on natural materials.

Perfect for Domestic, Commercial or Industrial Use

While Corian is very popular in domestic settings due to the extensive range of colours available, it is also extremely well suited to commercial environments including cafes, bars and restaurants.

It has even been approved by the health sector for use in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.

This is because surfaces of this kind are non-porous and so easy to clean and sterilize, as there are no spots in which bacteria can build up or multiply.

What’s more, Corian is a non-toxic material that is environmentally friendly and recyclable, which makes it highly attractive for businesses planning to improve their effect on the environment.

Stone Design UK supplies hard-wearing acrylic worktops all over the UK. So, whether you’re considering Corian worktops in the Liverpool area – where we are based – or further afield, simply contact us today for a free same-day quote.

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