What are Hi-Macs Worktops?

What are Hi-Macs Worktops?

Hi-Macs kitchen worktops are made from acrylic, minerals and natural pigments, which combine to create a solid surface material – that can be moulded into any shape, whilst complying with the best quality certification standards.

At Stone Design, we stock Hi-Macs countertops for a number of different uses, including kitchen countertops, cooking islands, wall cladding or bathroom tops. Hi-Macs worktops consist of one-third acrylic resin and 5% natural pigments, whilst the material’s main constituent – at around 70% – is the natural mineral aluminium hydroxide, derived from aluminium ore.

As the brainchild of the innovative LG Group, the acrylic used to make these worktops is produced in-house, in the company’s factory – guaranteeing superior quality.


Advantages of Hi-Macs kitchen worktops

  • Non-porous

Ideal for the kitchen, the non-porous nature of the worktops means they are stain-resistant and easy to clean. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and there is no need for them to be re-sealed on an annual basis.

  • Durability

Whether the Hi-Mac countertops are in the kitchen, bathroom or even in your business, you need them to be strong and long-lasting. As they are heat resistant, remaining stable and undamaged in temperatures up to 212°F, you can rest assured there won’t be anything placed or banged against the worktop that is going to affect the life of the product.

  • Cost-effective

Despite their high-quality and stunning appearance, you would be wrong to think that Hi-Mac worktops are expensive. They are more than affordable, so cost shouldn’t be the reason you don’t opt for this worktop.

  • Easy to maintain

Thanks to the Thermalcure technology, contained within Hi-Mac solid surface worktops, they’re very easy to clean. They’re also stain-resistant and a popular choice with restaurants, kitchens and families who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

  • Renewable and repairable

After you have had your Hi-Mac worktops for a long time, there may be a need to renew or repair them. As with anything, they’re susceptible to wear and tear and on the rare occasion you find any small scratches, these can easily be repaired. For anything big, you would need to call in the specialists to renew the worktops back to their former glory.

  • Large choice of designs and colours

Hi-Mac Worktops have limitless design possibilities, due to the thermoforming process used during their manufacture. This enables greater flexibility of design when compared with other, conventional materials used to make worktops.

If innovative, you can design an original worktop that takes on a unique 3D shape with any angles, curves or cut-outs that you wish, with no seams visible at all.

There are also loads of options when choosing Hi-Macs countertops. The material comes in a number of thicknesses:

  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 9mm
  • 12mm
  • 19mm

Depending on where you want to install the worktop and what its function will be, you are bound to find a thickness that best suits your needs. And Hi-Macs worktops have numerous advantages over other surfaces, meeting the highest standards of quality in a variety of areas:

  • material performance
  • fabrication
  • functionality
  • hygiene


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