Case Studies

Case Study Two

This stunning kitchen was completed last summer in Lowtown.

The customer’s brief: to achieve a modern, white, seamless look and feel. 80mm thick profile waterfalling down to the floor with waterfall ends and moulded sink.

What we did:

  • advised using acrylic staron – perfect for achieving a flawless look as the seams are virtually invisible
  • the colour chosen was Staron Yukon Metallica – this has a metallic sparkle which reflects light and offers a delightful shimmer
  • the waterfall ends were fabricated in 300mm to produce this striking, moulded angled look
  • advised that the sink had matching sides and a stainless steel base ensuring that the customer could use their boiling tap
  • enhanced the ergonomics of the kitchen with pop up sockets in the large island unit

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